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People rely on water. People create waste. These are facts. At Viltra, we see it as our job to keep the worlds of waste and water apart. We design, install and maintain intelligent, practical, reliable solutions that bring clear returns and exceed compliance rates in every region of the UK and Ireland, consistently.

We see things clearly. Waste and water don’t belong together. so, we create, fit and sustain solutions that protect the pure from the problematic, separating waste from water to restore a clear balance.

Viltra is a specialist and proud to be a leading provider of advanced wastewater treatment solutions. With a team of dedicated and skilled process, civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers, Viltra boast over a century of combined experience in the design and manufacture of off-mains drainage, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment solutions, grease traps, pumping stations and ancillary products.

Working across a wide range of sectors throughout the UK and Ireland, including domestic, commercial and industrial, tourism and hospitality and more, our comprehensive approach, from initial consultation, on-site testing, system design and manufacturing through to installation and maintenance, ensures our customers the best solution to their wastewater management needs.

At Viltra, we provide an all-encompassing service that covers every stage of the wastewater journey. It is driven by rigorous systems and controls, designed to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards, health and safety, and compliance with environmental regulatory requirements. With over 18 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining these systems, Viltra has built an enviable reputation for expertise and quality through working with homeowners, developers, local environment agencies, water bodies and organisations such as the National Trust, the RSPB and the Forestry Commission throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are a customer-driven company and pride ourselves as focused, intelligent solution finders. Uniquely, Viltra provides an end-to-end service and aims to create bespoke services that suit the customer. We are experienced, we understand and we will go above and beyond to ensure the service is correct for you.


Your World, Protected.

Peace of mind that your home, business or development is not harming the environment.

Your Future, Understood.

Compliance with environmental regulations and an audit trail to prove it.

Your Site, Sorted.

Operational reliability, because non-compliant homeowners can be prosecuted and businesses can be closed.

Our Aim

Brand Pillars

This is our vision for growth. Because with growth comes opportunity. here are 5 principles to help us achieve it.

1. People & Values

The nature of our world is one of complexity ,adaptability and unexpected surprises. The positive ways in which we react to challenges is a key strength of Viltra. Viltra people are driven by three key values:

Calm Control
We are experienced experts who aren’t afraid to take control, in a calm and focused manner.

Care, Attention and Perfection
Because mistakes aren’t an option for us.

Even if it means going the extra mile, we never give up.

2. Knowledge First

Our customers rely on our knowledge and expertise. They depend on our recommendations. They want us to understand their challenges and bring them a site-specific solution using products that will last and perform year after year, season after season.

3. Customer Focus

Our customers come from diverse backgrounds. They often don’t understand regulations or their responsibilities around wastewater. That’s why they come to us. We are here to educate and look after them. We never forget that we are here for them and only because of them.

4. Procedures

Processes and procedures make life easier for us and our clients. We are redefining the company structure to facilitate a clear pathway for a project to flow through the business. This will give us all clarity - within our different departments and roles. When we communicate with our team or our clients, we will do so with the same care and attention that we apply to our project solutions.

5. Seize the Day

Our time is always well spent. When we speak to a client and see an opportunity to sell them a solution that will genuinely help their situation, we seize it. Because building our business benefits us all.

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