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A flagship design, resulting in clear effluent at a brand-new state of the art vegan and vegetarian factory for a leading food producer in the UK and Ireland

Client Overview

Finnebrogue are a family-owned company based in County Down, Northern Ireland and one of the UK’s leading artisan food producers. Finnebrogue revolutionised the bacon and ham market by introducing the first mass-produced nitrite-free alternatives.

The food producer has been producing vegetarian and vegan products for a number of years now but this new facility is a step towards the food producer stepping up its meat-free offerings. The new factory has plans to turnover £30m a year when at full capacity. Finnebrogue is a major supplier to some of the UK and Ireland’s leading supermarkets including Asda, M&S and others.


The brand-new vegan facility had plans to produce twice the volume, compared to the first project Viltra and Finnebrogue worked on. With Finnebrogue’s plans to meet the increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan alternatives, this factory would create an extensive range of new recipes, ideas and plans which meant it was imperative that Viltra designed a bespoke system that could cope with the increasing changes, development and production testing in new recipes and dietary needs.

With the composition of these new recipes being unknown, it meant Viltra’s engineers had to carefully craft a design that was state of the art and unique to the project. Given the short time-frame required for completion of the project, this caused logistical problems.

Our Solution

Viltra were trusted to take care of the end-to-end process, this included the full design and civils installation, mechanical and electrical (M&E) of a AL2 Belt Screen, Chemical Separation Unit and an Aerated Balance Tank.

The effluent treatment solution delivered by the Viltra team had clear thought process and flagship design throughout, resulting in clear effluent with high quality effluent results which continue to exceed NI Water compliance rates. The systems were also designed and installed to include built-in remote monitoring technology to allow Viltra engineers to monitor the daily operations of the system, ensuring preventive maintenance and round the clock solutions all year round.

Viltra worked alongside professionals on the project who strived to deliver high standards such as James Power Cedar Design Management, who was project manager from start to finish, Dowd’s Group who were the main contractors on the project and Hannah and Hutchinson were the consultant engineers.

We were delighted to be able to share a project with Finnebrogue that focused on sustainability. Viltra were excited by the food producers innovative and environmentally friendly culture. With both our company qualities and company values aligning, this inspired Viltra to design and install a solution that had the environment and sustainability at the forefront of the project. With Finnebrogue striving to be market leaders in the vegan market across the UK and Ireland, we were delighted to deliver a solution that helps them on their journey.

Viltra were honoured to work alongside a visionary in Dennis Lynn to fulfil his ambitions, values and plans for Finnebrogue.

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