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A drip distribution system installation and upgrade works to a sewage treatment plant for a large Nursing Home in Ireland who were incredibly proud of its gardens, surroundings and local environment. This work was carried out alongside Ashtecs.

Client Overview

Set in an acre of landscaped gardens and only 2.5km from Monaghan Town, Mullinahinch House is a unique home designed for comfort and care.


The drip system is replacing a percolation area that had become saturated causing run-off onto the roadway and nearby drains.

Our Solution

The wastewater treatment system was upgraded by Viltra, allowing the treated effluent to be recycled by irrigating the landscaped lawns around the nursing home, resulting in a saving in water and fertiliser.

Nutrients in the wastewater feed the grass growth. A slightly chequered effect is evident over each drip emitter in well-operating systems like this one as the wastewater nutrients released at root level stimulate the grass growth. The driplines can be laid around trees and shrubs, unlike other systems.

Emitters or discharge points are spaced at 600mm in the specially adapted wastewater drip tubing. Driplines are inserted below ground parallel at 600mm spacings close to the surface at the grass root zone (200mm BGL) and connected to a PVC pipe manifold. The Geoflow manufactured drip tubing is pre-treated with tree root repellent and anti-bacterial coating specifically for use with wastewater. System flushing is part of regular servicing. The system is expected to last for well over 30 years.

The drip system was chosen because the owners were extremely proud of their gardens. An alternative method wouldn’t have been aesthetically pleasing for guests and visitors as they arrived at the nursing home. As the soils are low permeability the available space was limited.

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