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Viltra successfully delivers a bespoke sewage project, to help a leading health foods company in Northern Ireland, in the development of innovative new products to meet their changing consumer needs

Client Overview

Linwoods are a family-owned leading health foods company, their aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of all its customers through nutritiously dense, healthy foods using the finest organic quality ingredients and sustainable production methods.

Over 50 years ago Linwoods started out with a small, local shop owned by the Woods family in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. Since then, Linwoods has developed and grown over the past five decades and is now in its third generation of the founding family. Manufactures of a range of superfoods and premium bakery & dairy products, over the years, Linwoods has expanded to include the development of innovative new products to meet their consumers' changing needs.

Linwoods focus is on making it easy for everyone to access nutrient-rich seeds, fruits and nuts which are full of natural plant goodness, with a range of health foods that are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarian diets. The company also source organic materials where possible. In addition to the products mentioned above, the health foods company also offer fresh milk products to their wide consumer base. Built in 2004, the company's dairy plant has the capacity to pasteurise, process and pack up to 22,000 litres of milk per hour.


Linwoods has expanded to include the development of innovative new products to meet their consumers' changing needs, the current sewage treatment system in place wasn’t suitable for the changing processes within the company's factory.

Viltra was employed to design and install a new sewage treatment solution that fitted in with the company’s new and changing food processes. Linwoods put emphasis on creating a state of the art system with Viltra that would protect themselves and the environment. Everyone was aware the effluent produced was unique and needed to be carefully designed to a specific requirement as a standard product wouldn’t be sufficient in this case. When Viltra was contacted by the client, a site survey was carried out to assess the site and surrounding areas.

With the client changing their food processes and focusing on a new consumer market, this meant that the composition of the ingredients was changing from wet products such as dairy to dry products such as nuts, cereals and grains. This change in processes meant it was imperative that Viltra’s team of experienced engineers assessed the composition of the influent to ensure the best possible sewage treatment solution was designed and installed.

Our Solution

Viltra were employed to oversee the entire project from start to finish, ensuring this extensive project was managed stage by stage and that the project was being carried out within budget and to the highest specification and health and safety protocols. Within the initial stages, Viltra provided an extensive report and plan on what work was required and a step-by-step guide to how the work would be carried out.

This plan included the installation of a composite sampler to determine both flows and the composition of the wastewater stream within the factory, this was then monitored over a period of time to determine what type of solution was required, as well as analysing samples to determine the composition of the effluent. Within the plan, Viltra also outlined the process required to decommission the old sewage treatment plant.

Viltra liaised with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to obtain the necessary permits for the site, and, as the project involved an influent stream that was unique to their new process, the system needed to be designed to meet the strict standards set by DAERA in their Consent to Discharge. Once this was secured, Viltra decommissioned the old system that was in place and began to carry out complete civil works to install a new uniquely designed bespoke OXCRETE sewage treatment system that treated the waste biologically without the use of any chemicals. The design also took into account the overall carbon footprint and energy consumption, to ensure Linwoods kept in line with its green credentials.

The solution designed and installed was a success and provided a solution for the client’s new food processes within their business on a day-to-day basis. The project was extensive and was carried out over an 18-month period. The system continues to operate to a high standard with Viltra providing ongoing servicing and maintenance to ensure the system is running to its optimum, giving the client peace of mind that their business and the environment are protected.

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